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The Gourmet Bakehouse Story

Gourmet Bakehouse has been the evolution of the Garlick family's Garlo's Pies shops.  Brothers Sean and Nathan, and their father Terry opening their first shop in 2001 created a cult following for the type of pies everyone was after.

10 years on and it was time to introduce new products and a contemporary new look and the Coogee store became the first Gourmet Bakehouse in December 2011.  The Mascot store followed suit in March 2012 opening up a range of products which instantly appealed to a new type of customer previously not seen in a traditional pie shop.

Signature roasted GB Blend coffee playing perfect companion to an exciting new range of cakes and mouth watering Baguettes' in a modern, warm atmosphere.

Gourmet Bakehouse...Famous Pies, Cute Cakes and Great Coffee